After seeing Scott's announcement of the 1.9 release of dasBlog, I just went ahead and updated my blog to it. The upgrade was pretty uneventful, consisting mainly of overwriting all dasBlog files with the new version.

I only did one minor change to the default Web.Config that shipped with dasBlog 1.9 and that was to remove debug compilation. I didn't need to keep any of my own customizations because the only one had been to add my feedflare macro, which Scott so graciously made into a built-in dasBlog macro :-)

After uploading the new file, I just spent a little time adjusting my existing Commonality theme to use some of the new features, like the cool Tag Cloud. I may do some further customization down the road, but for now I'm pretty happy. Way to go guys! Excellent release!

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia. Sr. PFE at Microsoft.