As many of you know, BizTalk Server has a fairly extensive WMI object model
you can use to manage and run your BizTalk servers. As even more of you know,
WMI is a pain in the neck to work with from pretty much anywhere, particularly

However, PowerShell does make it a lot easier and actually even fun, since
you can interactively execute and test any WMI query you need to perfection!
Given that, it will make a nifty complement to working with BizTalk Server's WMI
model. Here's something to open your appettite: List your BizTalk Hosts on the
local server:

$hosts = get-wmiobject MSBTS_HostInstance -namespace
$hosts | sort HostName | ft HostName,

I'll demonstrate some more interesting options in later posts!

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.