I love Channel9; it's a great resource. I really like the interview videos, even if I just put them on the background to listen to while I work :). Here are some good Channel9 videos I've watched lately (they're not necessarily new, I just hadn't had the time to watch them before):

  • Chatting about LINQ and Entities, with Anders Hejlsberg and Sam Drucker. It's always nice to see Anders talk, he's very clear and provides pretty good insights into his designs.
  • InfoCard - Deep Architecture. Nice introduction to what infocard does and how it does it. The question on managed versus unmanaged at the end cracked me up.
  • There's something about XAML, with Rob Relyea. Pretty good introduction to XAML (I already knew some of this stuff, but it's always nice to see it all put in perspective).
Queued up for viewing later this week:
  • Phoenix Framework, with Jim Hogg. Phoenix is a pretty cool technology, I got to hear Jim do a brief introduction of it a few years ago and was very, very cool.
  • Metropolis, with Brad Ulrich

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