First we had WinFX Beta 1. Then we had several WinFX CTPs. After that came WF Beta 2 (appearing in various CTPs, just in case once wasn't enough), followed shortly by WF Beta 2.2 (not compatible with any other WinFX components). And now, courtesy of the just released Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2 builds, we get the brand-new, sparkling WinFX Components Beta 2, which apparently now contains (again) the WF Beta 2.2 bits. Add to that a creative mix of go-live licenses while in the midst of heavy API changes to all WinFX pillars just to spice things up. Huh?

Sounds like the WinFX versioning scheme so far looks just as disorganized as the way the WinFX installers lay out files on your filesystem, which seems a pitty for such a wonderful piece of software. Just a friendly suggestion guys: CTPs are great and all, but for goodness sakes make it easier for us to understand and track down the evolution of this stuff, really. It can't be hard, can it? All I'm asking is for a little clarity, which is supposed to be what vista is all about, itsn't it? ;-)

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.