It has been sometime since I had tried TestDriven.NET out (I've been using the NUnit GUI meanwhile). However, I decided to
download and try again the latest TestDriven.NET build alongside Visual Studio
2005, and it has worked wonderfully. Thanks to Jamie Cansdale for putting
together such an amazing tool.

Several reasons why I like it:

  1. It's fast. Far, far faster than the Visual Studio Team System integrated
    unit testing tools. Running a single test method, a single fixture or an
    entire assembly full of tests is a piece of cake.

  2. It works with NUnit, which I prefer to
    the integrated testing tools in VSTS for this.

  3. The support for Code Coverage rocks. Worked like a charm for me right

  4. Running tests in the debugger is trivial.
  5. Did I mention it is fast?

My only wish right now for TD.NET is a red-green window, i.e. a results pane
where you can see easily (with the usual red/green colors) what tests passed and
which didn't. Right now, TD.NET integrated nicely with the Output and Error List
window in VS, but I would much rather take a quick look at the colors than have
to sort out the output in the error list window (which can be inconvinient
sometimes). I don't think I'm gonna put this one down for a long time. I know
this will not be news for most of you, but I just had to say how much I liked it

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.