A few months ago, I posted a comment on the Visual Studio 2005 and Team System prices and licensing. I gotta admit now that perhaps I was a little bit rushed about it all.

I've been working for a couple of months now with VSTS and Team Foundation Server ona pilot on one of our projects, and I have to admit: I love it. Team Foundation is extremely nice, the feature set excellent overall (even if there are a few rough edges), and I am throughly convinced this is the way to go (heck, and we are not even using all the feature set yet). That said, I still believe it is fairly expensive product, particularly given my point of view from a different kind of economy (do understand I'm not saying you don't get your bang for the buck, I'm just saying it's a lot of money :)).

Will we use it in our workplace eventually? I can't answer that. I'd like to think so, but it depends a lot on what the licensing is for partners and a few other things (it is not my decision to make, anyway, but I remain hopefull).

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.