Today was the last day of the MVP summit. I had a great time with all the technical sessions, parties and getting face to face with a lot of people again. I got to meet again with old friends from the .NET world like Sam Gentile and Mattias Sjögren, as well as my VC++ MVP teammates Carl Daniel, Tom Serface, Will de Palo and others. I also got to finally meet face to face Robert Hurlbut, Stephen Thomas and a few of the BizTalk MVPs. Heck, I even managed to catch a glipse of other "celebrities" like Tim Ewald :).

On Friday and early today I also got the chance to interact with Steve Masters from the BizTalk team and even sit on one of the discussions of the BizTalk and Commerce Server MVPs with their teams. How cool is that?

Update: I forgot to mention that, as usual, the VC++ team and our MVP lead (Eric Sassaman) took great care of us. We had a fantastic time, and all the interactions with the product team were very enlightening. As usual, April Reagan, Brandon Bray, Ronald Laeremans and all the rest of the VC++ crew made us feel right at home :)

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.