Cool. The MSMQ adapter (also known as MSMQC, in contrast to the built-in MSMQT adapter) for BizTalk Server 2004 has been released. I'm sure this is gonna be useful.

While on the subject, a few related things:

  • When will the adapters page in the BizTalk website be finally updated? It still mentions the WSE adapter as being in beta, and doesn't even mention the MSMQ adapter. These are way too important not to appear correctly on the website...
  • Looks like someone was in a rush to get the MSMQ adapter out the door, and instead of asking the Graphical Design guys to modify the installer header bitmap, just took the SAP Adapter bitmap and typed MSMQ over it. How did I noticed? Two dead giveaways: 1) the font with which MSMQ is written is different from the rest of the bitmap, and looks all blurry, and, 2) the original bitmap is still included in the installer on the RES folder as "Copy of Banner.bmp" :)

Tomas Restrepo

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