Has someone else run across this? We've been seeing on some of our developer's machines a case where a COM+ server application running .NET Serviced Components compiled with v1.0 of the framework loads version v1.1 if that's also installed on the machine as well, which is obviously the wrong thing to do, as it can cause a whole lot of trouble with object serialization, for example (most easily seen if you pass DataSets around).

There's a KB article discussing this problem with Win2k, which SP4 fixes, but we're seeing this on Windows XP machines, and I can't seem to find a corresponding article discussing XP.... (and yes, the machine seems to be fully patched, according to Windows Update, at least).

Unfortunate as it is, just switching to another framework version is not exactly an option here (we're talking 200.000+ lines of code, so switching ain't exactly as easy as just recompiling), and unfortunately, the dev has to work on another app that does require v1.1 :(

Any ideas?

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.