On a comment to my earlier entry, Sean mentions Biztalk's Orchestration Designer. I haven't seen what's on the Biztalk 2004's OD, but at least the one on 2002 is far different than what I showed in my screenshot of Collaxa's BPEL Server.

What I showed on my earlier screenshot was not how to design BPEL flows for Collaxa, but rather their tracing and debugging console, which allows you to visualize an instance of the flow in a graphical representation, see what actions have been executed, what messages have been sent and what has been received, and so on. This is, imho, a very easy to use and very powerful tool, far beyond the design-time only experience Biztalk's Orchestration Designer offered.

But if that changes for the next release of biztalk, well, all for the better :)

Tomas Restrepo

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