Ingo wishes .NET's EnterpriseServices framework allowed interception a la .NET Remoting.

So while we're at the wishing well, let me add my own to the list:

  • Make the ServicedComponent attribute-driven registration public, so that we can extend it with new attributes.
  • Provide managed classes to access the COM+ catalog. The System.EnterpriseServices services assembly already has most of the basics, but all the classes are internal, and thus unusable.
  • Wishful thinking: Make the ServicedComponentProxyAttribute and ServicedComponentProxy classes public so we can extend them when exposing ServicedComponent-derived classes via remoting :)

I don't expect to ever see this happen, but there's all sort of cool stuff behind how EnterpriseServices is implemented, and I think it's a wonderful example of just how flexible the whole remoting infrastructure is.

Tomas Restrepo

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