I was fooling around a few days ago, writing an Xml Schema for an XML configuration file for a personal project I'm working on, and ran into something I don't know how to describe in XSD.... well, actually I'm not even sure it is entirely possible.

Basically, I wanted to have a section of the file contain something like this:

some string
some other string

The problem was that as I wanted it to be, the condition element could conain either the from element, the to element, or both, but at least one of the had to be present.

So, obviously, I know how to use minOccurs and maxOccurs, but that would only allow me to specify the frst condition, but not make it so that at least one of them was present. Neither did I find a way to do it using xsd:choose and friends.

So, is it possible to do, and if so, how? I'd appreciate any tips you could offer (and a pointer to the XSD spec section that makes it possible, if you're able to provide one)!

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.