My name is Tomas Restrepo, and this is my website. I’m a software developer, located in Colombia, South America. I’m currently working as a Sr. Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft.

Over the past 14 years I’ve developed software using several different languages, tools and platforms, ranging from writing OLEDB providers using C++ to application integration solutions using BizTalk Server and everything in between. My current interests include distributed applications, Unix tools, dynamic programming languages and Windows PowerShell.

You can contact me at tomas@winterdom.com.

Over the past few years, my work has included activities such as:

  • Implementing BizTalk Solutions
  • Implementing WCF services, using both SOAP and REST styles
  • Creating custom WCF transport channels
  • Developing custom BizTalk adapters and pipeline components
  • Writing custom PowerShell cmdlets and Hosts
  • Implementing low-level, standard TCP/IP-based protocols
  • Writing custom Workflow Foundation activities
  • Implementing custom JBI binding components in Java
  • Porting existing C++ Win32 code to Unix/Linux

I was awarded as a Microsoft MVP several times since 1999 in the VC++/.NET/BizTalk categories for my contributions to the Microsoft developer community, usually through the newsgroups as well as through this website and other forums on the internet. I’ve also been a frequent contributor to Open Source projects and the Public Domain with my own code, including:

  • Viasfora: A productivity extension for Visual Studio 2010 – 2015
  • PipelineTesting: My library for automated testing of custom pipelines and pipeline components for BizTalk Server 2006/9.
  • Apache Qpid: I contributed code to the .NET client of the Apache Qpid project (an implementation of the AMQP protocol), and was for a while part of the committer team.
  • NAnt
  • FKSec: I contributed the Token class to Felix Kazsa’s FKSec, a C++ library wrapping the Windows NT security APIs.
  • WSSPI: My own C++ library wrapping the Win32 SSPI API.

I make some of my code and libraries public through my GitHub repository. Please check it out!

Past Work Experience

In 2006, I co-founded devdeo, a small consulting company focused on .NET and BizTalk development. Before founding devdeo, I worked for 5 years as a senior developer and technical architect at InterGrupo S.A.

About this website

This site is a recompilation of a little bit of the work I’ve done over the
last couple of years. It features some articles, some sample code, some
utilities, and even some libraries I’ve worked on.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.

Most of the code on these pages is released out into the public domain; it’s yours to
use and abuse as you please. Keep in mind though, that most of the code here
are samples, not really meant to be used directly in production code, as it
lacks important things like stricter error checking.

There are a few rules, though:

  • I make no claims regarding the correctness of the code here. While I try to get
    things right, there might be some errors around. Use them at your own risk, and
    don’t sue me later if things go wrong. Also, if you happen to find a bug or
    have any comments, please do write me, and I’ll do my best to correct them.
  • I don’t ask anything of you in exchange for using this code. However, I would
    appreciate it if you didn’t take credit for my work. Also, don’t blame me for
    bugs you introduce yourself :)
  • I’d love to hear if these pages are proving useful in your own work, or if you
    are using any of the libraries and how!


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