Windows Workflow Foundation

Here are some samples and articles on Windows Workflow Foundation I’ve written.

SqlTrackingQuery Sample
A sample Windows Forms application showing the use of the SqlTrackingQuery class. Updated for the .NET FX 3.0 RC1 release.
MSMQ Activities
A sample set of WF activities to send and receive MSMQ messages from workflows. The lates version of the code can be found at


  1. Hi,

    It seems you have made some good effort for MSMQ usage with WF4.0
    But getting the source files became tough job by not having simple ZIP container of all the related files? Can you please help me to get source code for the MSMQActivities solution and test application code either by sending to my email ID or publish as ZIP file to download easily? However, thanks for your reasonable effort.

    Yuvaraj from India

  2. Hi,
    I somehow downloaded the required files (MSMQActivities and test application). But getting lot of configuration errors. So, can you please furnish a step-by-step MSMQ configuration and other details as document to run this example? Thanks.

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