Processes & Threads

Here you’ll find a set of utilities and samples I’ve written on processes, threads, concurrency and general kernel stuff on Win9x and WinNT-derived systems.

A better Thread class
My personal Thread wrapper class.
A few Synchronization classes
Grab a few classes I use to simplify the use of sync objects.
Enumerating 16-bit Processes under WinNT
With some explanations of the process.
Getting the command line for any process on NT
Title says it all.
Using EnumPrinters()
A sample app on this API.
A simple media-locking program for Win95
sample code.
Set File Version
A small command line application that can
change the version number on an existing exe/dll by directly
manipulating the binary image. It will change both the file version directly
as well as the main version resource on it. Written with VC++ 6.0 a
long time ago
Process Info
A simple windows app that can show various information about running
processes. Shows how to use several of the process-related functions in the
Win32 API. Written with VC++ 6.0 a long time ago.
PE Checksum
A sample console line application that show how to use the
CheckSumMappedFile() API to recompute a PE file’s checksum value in
the NT header.
A sample console line application that can display the virtual
address of a specific DLL’s entry point.