Additional NAnt Tasks

This is a set of NAnt Tasks that
you can use for your own buildscripts. This is a very early version (,
so there’s not much yet. Here’s what you’ll find here:

  • Checksum: This is a basic port of Ant’s original Checksum task. For now,
    it only allows you to calculate a checksum value for a set of files.
  • Concat: This one allows you to concatenate a set of input files. Again,
    it’s a basic port of Ant’s Concat task.
  • MailEx: This one is a modified version of NAnt’s original Mail task,
    which uses filesets instead of attributes to especify attachments.
  • MgmtClassGen: This one allows you to execute mgmtclassgen.exe from your
    NAnt scripts to generate typed WMI classes.
  • NUnitReport: This is a NAnt/NUnit version of Ant’s JUnitReport task. It
    allows you to generate an HTML report of your NUnit test results. You can see
    an example of such a report here.
  • Record: This is a preliminary version of Ant’s Record task, which allows
    you to record parts of your build’s output (log) to a file. It’s very useful
    when combined with NUnitReport to generate full-blown reports of your daily
    builds that you can send via e-mail.

I hope to keep improving these tasks and adding new ones in the following

Note: You’ll need the absolute latest NAnt code to run these tasks
effectively, as getting them to work correctly required fixing a few bugs in
NAnt itself. Be sure to grab the latest snapshot directly out of NAnt’s CVS.

Grab the code here

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