Viasfora v1.1 Published

Tonight I pushed a new version of my Viasfora extension for Visual Studio. In this version, I fixed some features that were not working on Visual Studio 2013 due to the introduction of a new HTML editor, particularly highlighting closing HTML tags.

What’s exiting to me, however, is the new feature: Rainbow Parentheses:

Rainbow Parentheses

Rainbow Parentheses

This is a Visual Studio version inspired by one of my favorite Vim plugins. Features:

  • Supported for C#, C/C++ and JavaScript files.
  • Highlights {}, [] and () braces.
  • Supports 4 different nesting levels, format for each one can be customized through the Tools -> Options dialog (Rainbow Parentheses 1-4).

Comments, bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. Enjoy!


  1. suresh2

    Really useful and great extension. I can read my code much better now. Thanks for adding more colours to VS. :-) The link Viasfora is broken in the article. Please fix it. Thanks.

  2. Tomas Restrepo

    Viasfora does support VB for some features, but rainbow parentheses isn’t supported on this initial version. I will try to add support for it in vNext (it requires writing a separate parser for VB, but it shouldn’t be too hard).

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