VS2008 Color Schemes

Now that Visual Studio 2008 has been released and I've installed RTM, I spend a little bit of time porting all my different Visual Studio 2005 Color Schemes so that they work correctly with 2008 (importing the original VS2005 .vssettings files worked, but didn't quite import schemes completely).

I've now added to each color scheme post a new download link to the 2008 version of the scheme. Here's the complete list:


  1. Hello, I have changed the VS2008 Theme to Desert Nights, but only the font has changed and the colour of the background and text remains to be same. What could be the possible problem?

  2. Make sure you imported it correctly, or else, something is wrong with your vs installation. That definitely shouldn’t happen. Still, did you restart VS after importing the theme?

  3. Please do the Oren Ellenbogen’s Dark Scheme. It’s the best for my eyes. You all should try it too.

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