Ragnarok – A VS2005 Color Scheme

Here's a color scheme for VS2005 I had created a few months ago but had not published before (I think). Ragnarok is another high-contrast scheme with a dark background, with two variants:

Ragnarok Grey - download for VS2005 | download for VS2008


Ragnarok Blue - download| download for VS2008


Both are using Consolas, 15pt, but feel free to change them (they would definitely look good with Damien Guard's Envy Code R using the italics-as-bold variant). I personally think the blue version looks better, and it is actually quite usable.

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  1. Just what I was lookin for!! Great stuff!! But I would provide a quick "How to" on how to import them. I had to search for a while to find how..

  2. Great scheme! I just discovered that VS will let you import new color schemes, and knew somebody had to have whipped up a better one :)

  3. Thanks!!!! Reeeeally cool. Too bad I can’t leave it at 15 it looked amazing but i could only see like 5 lines lol

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